A Glimpse Of Things I Love Right Now

Dark Orbit, The Raven Cycle, ME3, Parks and Recreation, Doctor Who, & Badlands

Life has been rocky lately. So, to perk up, I’m going to focus on the things that I’m in love with right now. I tried my best to be fairly spoiler free this time.

I just finished Dark Orbit by Carolyn Ives Gilman and it’s a phenomenal tale about how humans see the world and how, in our attempts to make sense of everything, our labeling things can actually box the nature of things into answers that they might not actually give. I adored the book’s complexity, science and philosophical ramblings, and it all remained coherent for me throughout, which can be tough for me sometimes because I’m easily distracted.

Right now, I’m obsessively playing the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. I still haven’t finished ME3, so I cannot attest to the quality of the ending, but so far, I’m absolutely in love with the story. And the multiplayer is awesome. I’ve named my Geth Jeff and I dominate all the brutes ^_^

I finished Maggie Stiefvater’s first three books of the The Raven Cycle a while ago, but I’m still in love with them and will be in love with it for the rest of time. The story has incredible characters whose relationships develop and grow and shift and change in beautiful ways. I have strong feelings for each of the characters and I’m invested in their turmoils and desires. For all those not a fan of Shiver, I say, READTHISANYWAYRIGHTNOW. I didn’t really enjoy the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, but this one is up there with Harry Potter for me, so there’s that.

So, I tried to get into Parks and Recreation, the TV show starring Amy Poehler over a year ago,  and was very hesitant and immediately turned off. Then, I decided to give it a shot again. Hands down, it’s literally one of the best things I’ve ever watched on TV. I guess it takes a while for literal representations of horrible things as jokes to actually hit me. But I’m glad I tried again. Parks and Rec is poignant, hilarious, touching, thought-provoking, and, really, just watch it. It has been the one saving grace for my anxiety and ill induced insomnia for the past few months.

I just watched the new episode The Magician’s Apprentice of Doctor Who season 9 and I’m extremely hopeful that this season will be far better than season 8. I adore Clara. I love this new doctor. Missy = literally my favorite thing ever. And this season started a lot more real and, in my opinion, more interesting, than the last. I’ll admit I’m not the hugest fan of Moffat, but I’m still excited for the rest of this season.

Suggested by the fans of The Raven Cycle, I discovered the song “Drive” by Halsey off her new Badlands album. I can’t stop listening to it. Halsey has a beautiful hypnotic sound, and the entire album is sexy and dark and alluring and wonderful and I’m just so in love. Plus, Halsey has been putting her lyrics to Star Wars stills and it’s amazing.


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